Understanding Behavioural Consultancy at New Bloom

A holistic approach to behavioural well-being

At New Bloom Counselling, we believe in understanding, not just managing behaviour. Our Behaviour Consultants work closely with you, helping to identify and understand the underlying issues that may be causing disruptive behaviours. With this understanding, we can create personalised strategies to promote positive change. Our approach is rooted in empathy and respect, ensuring that every individual feels valued and heard. Through our services, we strive to enhance the overall well-being of our clients, fostering a more balanced, happier life.

Family Therapy & Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour consultation is a problem-solving and child developmental model which is used to determine a child’s or youth's needs and develop appropriate strategies to support and resolve many presenting issues. It helps families determine the cause of their child’s social, emotional, or behavioural difficulties. At New Bloom Counselling we offer behaviour consultation to children and their families with ADHD, Autism and associated mental health disorders.

Typical challenges include: family relationship dynamics, communication, impulse control, sleeping/sleep hygiene, disordered eating, emotional and physical dysregulation, aggression, toileting, hygiene, ritualistic or repetitive behaviours, social anxiety, social thinking skills, school avoidance, pathological demand avoidance, executive functioning challenges, and more.

The focus of our practice is resolving problems through therapeutic means, establishing connection in an environment of acceptance, understanding, relevance, fun, and freedom to be oneself. We offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), trust-based relational interventions, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), play and art therapy activities, a multi-disciplinary team approach, and inclusive Parent Education / Family therapy, all to support parents and their children and youth with challenging behaviours that interfere with their daily activities and social involvement.
Behaviour consultation can also enhance social thinking and foundational skills to enable future learning and successful life transitions. Treatment plans include: social thinking groups for children and youth, parent/guardian support groups and parent education in which we teach parents the routines and strategies to increase or decrease certain behaviours in their children.
We assist adolescents and young adults in their identity development, future career planning and life skills development for independence during their transition to adulthood, as they face a variety of today’s challenges.

Let us surround you and your family with the supports and expertise you need to develop strategies that allow you ALL to reach your potential.

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